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The Guitar Shirt You Can Actually Rock and Roll On

Probably the most portable electric instrument ever: Wearable ROCK! integrates a virtual guitar with pre-recorded chords directly onto a shirt. A guitar (complete with flames) is drawn directly onto the front of the clothing. Users only have to press the correct areas of the neck, and strum a magnetic pick over the imaginary strings.

A small amp that clips on to the bottom of the shirt provides audio output. On this tiny speaker are the power button, a volume knob that actually goes to 11, storage for the magnetic pick, and even tone control for producing different sounds. All the electronics—including the ones powering the virtual guitar—easily detach from the shirt, to facilitate washing.

Wearable ROCK! looks good, and hopefully sounds good too. And while it's pretty easy to rock practically anywhere when your top is the instrument, it's also easy to imagine the wearer breaking a sweat as he strums his way to nirvana. Won't the moisture ruin the electronics?

In any case, this contraption currently retails for $30 from ThinkGeek. There are even kid sizes for young guitar heroes. Now all we need are some drums, a keyboard, and auto-tune integrated into their own respective shirts.

Wearable ROCK! ($30)