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The Viewsonic N3760w 37" LCD High-Definition Television


Released in December 2005, the Viewsonic N3760w is part of a comprehensive LCD lineup, which includes 20", 27", 32", 37", 20" and 42" sizes. Viewsonic also has a complete line of LCD PC Monitors ranging in size from 15 to 23 inches. Given the breadth of their LCD product lines and their history with the technology, this is most likely a company that can be placed high on the 'trustworthiness' list.

Some of the key features of the N3760w include:


The N3760w was shipped directly from the manufacturer and came with a remote, Quick Start Guide, and User Guide. It also included several cables including component video, RCA Audio, and a VGA cable which was a nice touch. My initial reaction to the appearance of the N3760w is that is was a bit bland with its matte black finish and thick bezel. However, this is an ideal design for distraction-free viewing as you will not have to worry about light reflecting off any part of the display compared to multi-tone, 'designer' models. One other thing of note is that the N3760w is definitely on the heavy side, weighing in at 68 lbs. While this makes it tougher to move the display around, it does help improve the stability of the integrated table stand. One unique aspect of the N3760w is there are 2 separate input panels: one facing downward containing the HDMI, cable in, and RGB inputs, and one to the side behind a removable panel containing component video, S-Video, and audio inputs. The rationale may be to place the most commonly used inputs on the bottom, but this layout might become a bit cumbersome if you have use both the bottom and side panels while mounting the display to a wall.

Under The Hood

The N3760w has a resolution of 1366x768, which is standard for most 37" LCD displays. The brightness is 500 cd/m2, contrast is 800:1, and panel life estimated at 50,000 hours, which are also common measurements with current LCD models. Other features include 8ms response time and 10-bit video processing with 'PixelWorks DNXTM advanced video processing technology'. The N3760w has independent input memory settings, so viewers can calibrate their displays using different settings for each video source. The N3760w includes one HDMI input, one component video input, one S-Video and composite input, and a VGA input. There are also an RCA Audio in and a 3.5 mini audio in. The internal speakers are rated at 2x10watts with SRS TruSurround XT. The viewing angle is 178 degrees horizontal and vertical.

The remote has quite a few buttons, but this is because it can be programmed as a universal remote with the capability to control 6 additional devices such as DVD, VCR, Stereo Receivers, etc. The system menus were easy to find and configure using the remote, and it contains a dedicated button for each input so you don't have to press the old 'TV/Video' or 'Input' button repeatedly in order to switch to the desired component. Navigation through the basic system menus was relatively easy, with only 5 settings menu to choose from. Although I've seen more detailed picture adjustments from other displays, the N3760w provides plenty of control to achieve the type of image desired.

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