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The Bentley of Business Notebooks: Thinkpad T40 with Centrino Mobile Technology

Centrino Or Simply Pentium M: The Customer Has The Choice

The mobile PCs in the `thin and light' Thinkpad T4x series have been an integral part of IBM's product portfolio for almost three years now. That's not to say that the T series is nearing the scrapheap, however. The model improvements in the form of the latest chipsets and processors, and the addition of WLAN functions based on the current 802.11a/b standards and Bluetooth functionality have ensured that the model range is now a modern classic. In the mobile computing segment, the T series may become what the Bentley is in the car world.

The current range of T40 models offers customers their pick of which WLAN solution to combine with the Pentium M processor and the 855PM chipset. This means that a Centrino device can be chosen - or not. A "real" Centrino can only be had by choosing the combination with Intel's Pro/ Wireless 2100 variant on the 802.11b WLAN standard. Notebooks making their WLAN connection on IBM's dual-band WLAN solution with the 802.11a/b or the 802.11b variant from Cisco are "only" allowed to sport a Pentium M sticker. The most powerful and adaptable WLAN connection to date is definitely promised by boards featuring IBM's dual-band variant. The premium over a model with Pro/ Wireless 2100 is about $50 US (net).