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Sony's LED Light Bulb Packs a Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers already offer audio in convenient packages, but Sony’s looking to take that convenience further with an LED Light Bulb Speaker that adds Bluetooth audio to any lighting fixture.  Aiming to place audio everywhere, including those hard to reach locations, the LED Light Bulb Speaker can get your music into your walls without the trouble of home renovation.

While Sony’s offering is not the first of its kind, it does feature a more elegant design than those already on the market. Set to be released in Japan for the equivalent of $199, it is also more expensive than its competition, which includes Bluetooth bulbs from TPCromeer ($24), Propel ($34) and Sengled ($54 for one and $144 for a set of two).

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Sony isn't promising high-end audio in its bulbs, but its press release, as well as a promotional video filled with soft jazz, promises clear sound. We're eager to see how these bulbs stack up to those of Sengled, whose speaker-lights are powered by JBL.

The 360-lumen bulb’s brightness and its speaker’s volume can be controlled by either a SongPal smartphone app (on both iOS and Android) or a remote paired via Near Field Communication.

From playing music in the ceiling right above your bathroom shower to placement above your dinner table for a romantic evening, the applications are only as limited as your home is designed to be lit. If you don't think this is the brightest idea, Sony begs to differ, providing a host of demo images that show a couple enjoying music from the lights above their bed, couch and kitchen.

Photo: Sony

Photo: Sony

Photo: Sony

Photo: Sony

Whimsical dancing musical notes are not mentioned in Sony's press release, so they are likely sold separately.

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  • zooper
    Or, I could buy 2 LED bulbs at Walmart for $6.97 last week and a stereo Bluetooth speaker with better sound for $20?