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Smart Lamp Speaker Responds to Touch

Music and light shows are staples for any great party or rave. And who doesn't love a little mood lighting for a more "romantic" setting? These features inspired Emoi to design the $79 Smart Lamp Speaker, which they call a "new intelligent product that engages with people's emotion combining elements of light and sound."

The Smart Lamp Speaker is a 360 degree sound projection device that is combined with a silicone lamp. The speaker uses passive radiator technology to improve the bass and low frequency performance and project sound. The speaker is compatible with with phones, tablets, MP3 players and notebooks via a Bluetooth connection.

The touch-sensitive design means that if a user taps on the silicone surface, they can turn the lamp on, dim it and turn it off. It can also be activated via the speaker base or app. The device has a light spectrum of 2800-3000k, and is adjustable to reflect the light of a bright day, a light dawn or a sudden dusk. 

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The Smart Lamp Speaker's corresponding app will let users control their music, turn the light off and on, and even set an alarm on the speaker. The speaker is portable, and has a rechargeable battery that can stream light for up to 12 hours, music for 8 hours and both for 3.5 hours.

Emoi is currently trying to raise 50,000 on Kickstarter. The first 100 backers can purchase a Smart Lamp Speaker for $69. All other backers can preorder one for $79. The speakers come in either green or black. Emoi plans to have all the speakers available by November 2014.

The Smart Lamp Speaker has a novel approach to its sound design. By mixing a easy-to-use lamp design with a 360 degree speaker, Emoi has created a unique product that will provide lighting and sound design to its users. The $79 price tag seems a bit expensive, and we can't say how the speaker's quality will hold up. But we'll keep our eye on this speaker.