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Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror Makes Makeup Application More Accurate

Traveling for work, whether you're an actor or an executive, often requires precise application of makeup. The Mini Sensor Mirror from Simplehuman is an LED-lit intelligent mirror that lights your face more accurately than traditional indoor lighting, and lasts for months on a single charge.

Tech-savvy makeup users may already be familiar with Simplehuman and its line of premium household items, from soap dispensers to garbage cans. The Mini Sensor Mirror ($130) is a modification of its popular Sensor Mirror. It will be available in February 2014 from the Simplehuman website.

Whereas the full-size Sensor Mirror is designed to stay in one place, the Mini Sensor Mirror is smaller, cheaper and can be folded. Simplehuman showed the product to Tom's Guide at CES 2014, and we generally liked what we saw.

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The Travel Mirror is a circular mirror with a focal point in its direct center and 10x magnification. In addition to aiding in makeup application, this level of detail is also useful for threading and fine cleansing work. Men can also use it as a shaving aid.

What sets Simplehuman's gadget apart from comparable mirrors is that it lights up automatically as soon as you get close enough to it, then powers down once you pull away. The mirror also uses long-lasting LED lights. LEDs can work for decades of constant use, so a system that utilizes them only a few minutes per day can last almost indefinitely.

This means that the Travel Mirror also has very mild requirements when it comes to charging. A single full charge via a micro USB wire will power the device for up to five months.

Another key feature of the Travel Mirror is that it is much brighter than other lighted mirrors on the market — 600 lux, to be exact, which makes it slightly more luminous than the natural light outdoors at sunrise or sunset. This level of illumination helps bridge the gap between makeup looking a certain way indoors and completely different the moment you step outside.

That said, 600 lux is still considerably less bright than a sunny (or even overcast) day.

The Travel Mirror is not likely to turn the tech world on its head, but sometimes a simple product done well is all you need. You could admittedly get a perfectly good mirror for about one-tenth of the price, but the combination of smart lightning, travel-readiness and long charge times make the Travel Mirror worth a moment or two of careful reflection.

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