Rent an Apple Watch For $45 a Day

If your rent is too darn high, you're unlikely to be shelling out $350 for the Apple Watch before you get a chance to test it out. But if you're on the fence, a new service is letting you rent the Sport version of the wearable for $45 a day to help you decide. The pricier Watch model is also available as a $55 daily rental.

The service comes from Lumoid, a startup that offers try-before-you-buy device rentals, including cameras and wearables. You can already sign up to try the Apple Watch when it's available. If you eventually decide to buy the product, Lumoid will count $20 from your daily rental fee for the Apple Watch Sport toward your purchase (and $30 if you're buying the Watch model you've rented). 

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According to Mashable, Lumoid will not offer the Apple Watch Edition for rent, which starts at $10,000.

Lumoid's service promises to let people take new products to test in real life, giving shoppers a more personal experience than they can get in a store demo. The startup said it has already shipped thousands of devices for people to test out, and wearables such as the Pebble and the Basis Peak are already available to loan out right now. The company said it is adding the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch to its site later this week.

Typically with Lumoid, you specify when the rental period begins and ends when you sign up for a device. The company lets you extend your rental, provided the device you're trying out hasn't been reserved by another tire-kicker.

You can pre-order the Apple Watch starting April 10, and the wearable will hit store shelves on April 24.

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Cherlynn Low

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  • John Wittenberg
    You know the product costs too much if a company is renting it out....
  • agentbb007
    I totally agree with John, I wanted to get this watch but can't justify it when it costs the same as my Citizen that has lasted me 10+ years. I'm worried I will buy it and then next year they will release Apple Watch 2 and mine will suddenly look dated and cheap.
  • koss64
    Floss for a day,impress the onlookers with your expensive flashy watch for that hot night at the club!

    Paraphrasing the target market for this service, also though isn't this device supposed to be able to check your blood sugar levels? Meaning that somewhere along the line it is puncturing your skin? So how does this rental system work with hygiene?
  • Bondfc11
    Agree this thing is stupid at the prices they want. No thank you.
  • d_kuhn
    PT Barnum comes to mind at times like this.
  • Bondfc11
    15464049 said:
    PT Barnum comes to mind at times like this.

    So true - good comment. I have owned iPhones from the beginning (and am a PC guy mind you) and have defended my purchase and use of the phablet 6+ - I do love this phone - but sweet Jesus! What the hell was Apple thinking with this watch?

    It's ugly, must be constantly recharged, and is basically useless other than a fitness band. This is a no go for me since I already shelled out hundreds on a phone. I don't need to look like a complete dick (I look like a partial one now with the 6+) by talking into my wrist or playing with it. Useless, useless tech from Apply and way too costly.

    I will stick with my fitness band that I use only when I work out. End of rant.

  • dodt911
    Oh goodie, another way to waste money!
  • spdragoo after 8 days you've paid more in rent than if you just bought it outright. Not even automobile leasing is that horribly overpriced. Even at $15/day, you'll still hit the purchase threshold by day 24.
  • CherlynnLow
    @spdragoo - I agree! I believe if you feel like continuing with the watch after your second day with it you should stop renting it and buy it!

    @koss64 the Apple Watch (current version at least) has a heart rate monitor, not a blood sugar sensor.. Future versions may carry some kind of blood oxidation sensor, which will not puncture your skin.

    Agree with everyone that thinks it's too expensive! I definitely want a smartwatch but the Apple Watch is too pricey. I do love its apps though, it does seem to make being lazy a lot easier.
  • kittle after 8 days you've paid more in rent than if you just bought it outright. Not even automobile leasing is that horribly overpriced. Even at $15/day, you'll still hit the purchase threshold by day 24.
    I suspect thats the whole point of the "rent" thing.
    People choke when they see the $350 entry price. but at $45 (a day) ... thats easier to digest.

    Same goes for phones on contract... low initial price to get it in your hands + a recurring monthly fee. vs a 1 time large cost to get the phone outright.