In Pictures: Apple's WWDC Offerings

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  • jaquith
    You guys can say anything you want about Apple, but they do a damn good job where Engineering meets Art.

    Retina Display 2880x1800 - OMG!
  • Killingmaster
    Omg dafuq is this hype. MBP, Its only big plus is retina display.
    I would just buy with 1000 euro or dollars a much stronger laptop, notebook...
  • darkchazz
    2880x1800 res with a GT 650 ? I Lol'd
  • darkstar845
    If macs have this resolution without the price being so insanely high, then why can't PC manufacturers do the same? A 30 inch monitor with 2560*1600 resolution cost 1000 dollars. But this macbook with a higher resolution plus it's a laptop has a starting price of 2,200.

    This is one of the reason why Apple is being perceived as leaders in innovation when in fact they aren't because other companies let them go first with a new tech.
  • jon1245
    "other companies let them go first with a new tech" you're saying that another company develops the technology first but then gives apple the tech and decides to let apple to market?

    Hmm...heh, seems legit.
  • Cantisque
    Oh cool, two Thunderbolt ports. Let me go check what things I own that plug into those...
  • Anonymous
    So this is supposed to be great? Me personally having no ability of changing memory or adding it, and the HDD is asking for an ass whooping. ohh gee whiz, my laptop 15" monitor with a 1600x900 resolution, will just have to do.