NAMM: 17 New Musician-Friendly Gadgets

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  • g-thor
    Happy to see support for devices besides Apple - sad at how few. It shows their dominance in the artistic market.

    And I'm not surprised to see Monster maintaining their monster pricing. It's obviously meant for the Romneys and Rockefellers of this world.
  • all ears
    This article is mistaken about the Peavey AT-200 auto-tuning guitar. It doesn't use a mechanical system for pulling the strings into tune as the article claims, it uses electronics by a company called Auto-Tune for electronically altering the pitch of the output signal -- exactly the technique the article claims the guitar doesn't use!

    I don't know if the author of the article is knowledgeable about music or audio electronics, but he or she is dead wrong here. If you guys want credibility in this specialized subject area, you need to do a little more homework.
  • tgandy
    all ears, you're correct. I took a second look and will make a correction.