10 "Hidden" iOS 5 Features

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  • soo-nah-mee
    Where's the Ice Cream Sandwich emulator?
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    Nice how a fixing the death grip is referred to as a 'feature'....

    yeah, my ass
  • Kami3k
    Surprised Wolfgang didn't type this paid article up.
  • intersteller
    Protect ur iPhone on all sides? hell no! Let it be the sexy game that it is!
  • species8472
    That split keyboard was demoed in Windows 8 long before iOS came out!
  • iceman1992
    the "User-Defined Keyboard Shortcuts" is just like Autotext on BB OS eh?
  • house70
    Like the "picture 8 " example (stfu).
    Every "feature" is trying to play catch-up with other OS. Nothing new to see here, move along people.
  • daaajm
    Don't forget this awesome feature..

    hahahaha rofl..
  • buhow
    "db" would be a very useful keyboard shortcut for the word that comes to mind when I read these mostly dbag comments on Tomsguide. It's as if there's a support group for kids given wedgies by people with iPhones that only has access to this one website in some mental ward somewhere.

    The irrational and hyperbolic hate towards Apple products would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. It's like watching a dog trying to hump a statue. Don't get me wrong, either - it's been equally ridiculous hearing Apple "fans" get all apoplectic at the way Microsoft "stole" all their ideas over the years.

    Get over it, "db"s. Think about the mere fact that, with the sudden and recent rush of innovation by all companies involved, you can hold in the palm of your hand something which would have been science fiction as recent as 10 years ago.
  • masterasia
    WTF? Android devices have had 9/10 out those features for years now. Split keyboard on my iPad is pretty useful.
  • eddieroolz
    I'm no Android fanboy, but frankly these "features" sound underwhelming considering other OSes such as Android has had this for a long time.
  • firebee1991
    The "Unified Notifications Feature" was plainly ripped off from Android. Nice to see it's now a two-way street, and Android is really coming into its own instead of trying to copy iOS. The one new feature here that looks awesome and I wish I could get on my Android is the gestures. I use them in Firefox and they are so handy and save lots of time.
  • flip_x
    Um i never new ios 5 fixed the death grip!!! i think that should not be on there its a iphone 4s feature.
  • shqtth
    Its funny how the new iOS robs the other OS's of their features, yet apple is suing eveyone for ripping their shit off. It wont be long until Apple claims those features are their own, and they will be suing other over them :(
  • belardo
    Opera should sue Apple for the tab browser on iPads IOS5.
  • belardo
    iOS5 with iPad is not the first to have a split keyboard. I do use this on my iPad... but its not an Apple idea or exclusive.
  • 9_breaker
    iPhone copy's android, android copied iPhone in the end it benefits the customer