The Desk Every Modern School Should Have

We're not sure if any other furniture vendor sells anything like this: a desk designed for the class room with slots designed for hidden flat screen displays. Push a button, and out pops the LCD screen—and presumably the mouse and keyboard.

Ki's motorized desk has other applications beyond the classroom too. The company's product is a great way to fulfill your evil genius lair dream. Just set up one desk for each of your henchmen, and you can plot world dominion in style. The Flat Screen Garage is also perfect for the office setting—at least in companies where access to digital data is paramount.

But this special table is definitely best for the school setting. Sit your students down, and watch their eyes pop as their computers unveil themselves automatically. As this video—which features the appropriate mood music—illustrates, it's possible to remotely reveal or hide the desk displays.

The Flat Screen Garage's unique feature could also keep the class interested. Spend the first half on boring lectures, then call an intermission for the students to witness the computers appear before them. An easy way to get rid of boredom and sleepiness!

How much does the Ki Flat Screen Garage cost? You'll have to inquire directly with Ki. Both one- and two-seater variants are available.

Ki Flat Screen Garage