OnePlus 5T Will Be This Much Cheaper Than Galaxy S8

OnePlus has a new device planned for this holiday shopping season, and a new report suggests it will be far more affordable than other flagships.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

OnePlus is planning to price its upcoming OnePlus 5T smartphone at the same level as its OnePlus 5, TechRadar is reporting, citing leaked documents from UK carrier O2. The leak said that the 64GB and 128GB OnePlus 5T models will retail for 449 pounds and 499 pounds -- the same price the OnePlus 5 models are currently available for.

While the TechRadar leak centers only on UK pricing, OnePlus has used the same pricing strategy in the U.S. with previous launches. There's reason to believe, then, that OnePlus will sell the 64GB 5T for $479, and the 128GB variant for $539. Both handsets would be available unlocked.

If OnePlus offers the 5T at that price, the smartphone could be in a strong position to compete with prominent Android handsets, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 ($750) and iPhone 8 ($699).

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According to reports, the OnePlus 5T will deliver a revamped design that ditches the physical home button in the OnePlus 5 and instead stretches the screen across the smartphone's face like the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X. OnePlus' 5T will likely come with the same internal features as the 5, including the aforementioned storage and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

OnePlus has faced some trouble with the OnePlus 5, including reports of cheating on benchmarks and collecting user data, though the company said it was moving towards an opt-in format for the later.

We'll ultimately find out when the OnePlus 5T is unveiled on Nov. 16. It's expected to go on sale on Nov. 21.

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  • charles.rogen
    Are folks really going to put a Chinese designed and owned phone in to their hands? Yes, all phones (for the most part) are made in China, but under direction and oversight of companies in more trustworthy nations. You had better believe that there are backdoors for the Chinese government.

    I may or may not be kidding.
  • hickhamt
  • pamjoeme
    Ok Charles.rogan , your just silly.... Samsung is KOREAN, south Korean but an Asian country no less.... Every Apple product is made in china.... they may be designed in the usa, but the brains that make it work come from China EVEN there designers are mostly Chinese ... Look it up.....
  • aambrozai
    I'd be more worried about things like (Google them)
    "Credit firm Equifax says 143m Americans' social security numbers exposed in hack"
    "Yahoo says all three billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft"
    "Five million Danish ID numbers and healhtcare data sent to Chinese firm and Chinese Embassy by mistake"
    I'm not afraid that a Chinese mobile manufacturer steals my data. I'm lot more worried that services/national bureaus that are meant to have our data cannot protect it...