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NSA Director Defends Surveillance to Angry Audience

All Above Board

Alexander stressed that everything the NSA did was legal and approved by Congress and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which approved NSA activities in the United States on a case-by-case basis.

In four years of review, he said, Congress found no abuses of the NSA's authorizations to surveil U.S. persons.

"That's no bulls---," Alexander said, then apologized for using foul language.

"There's 100 percent audibility in what we do," the NSA director said. "The nation needs to know we're gonna do the right thing." [See also: Does Microsoft Help the NSA Hack Your Computer?]

The general concluded his address with an appeal to the audience to "help us come up with a better solution," and offered an email address to which anyone could send suggestions:

As Alexander was about to leave the stage, a heckler shouted out, "Read the Constitution!"

"You should, too," Alexander replied.

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