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Netscape 9 In The Works

Holey Rusted Metal, Batman! Netscape 9 is in the works, continuing the relaunch of the Netscape brand which began by turning the Netscape website into a user-driven atomic pile of steaming interweb [Lovin' the Robin quotes today, eh? -Ed]

Once again based on Mozilla Firefox, and developed in-house by Netscape themselves (a change in fortunes back to the old days, perhaps?) there's not much detail on the browser yet; aside from the fact that we're set to see more standardised support for newsfeeds and extensions.

Whether or not Netscape can regain any relivency as a browser remains to be seen, given that the user-generated site and browser are not tied at the hip, and neither looks like they've set the internet alight in the past few months. Still, it's always nice to see what tricks programmers can play on our web browsers. Of course, depending on who you talk to, Internet Explorer holds between 80 - 85% market share; even with the spirited attacks of Firefox, Opera and others.

It seems that the niche players are fighting over the scraps given up by the intelligensia of the internet smart and bothered enough to switch to a browser besides the one Microsoft helpfully sticks under their noses.