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4 Hot Multimedia Notebooks Reviewed

MSI PR200-029LA

From the rear of the PR200, you get a great view of the oversize battery, but there’s nothing else to see from this perspective.

On the left side of the PR200, from left to right, you see: a VGA connector, RJ-45 GbE, one USB port and the DVD player/burner drawer.

The front of the MSI PR200 is also Spartan-like, with only dual-audio jacks (microphone in on the left, headphone out on the right) to see.

Nearly all the ports, slots and connectors are on the PR200’s right-hand side. From left to right, these include: above left, an ExpressCard, below left, and Secure Digital memory card reader (SD), with USB, RJ-11 modem, USB, HDMI, and TV in, on the lower edge and DC power connector to the left of the fan/ventilation ports. Between the other side of the fan/ventilation ports and the hinge, you find the DC power input.

With the top deck up, and the Vista desktop on display, the MSI PR200 reveals a compact keyboard deck layout, plus a Webcam and a wireless networking switch above the LCD display at center and right.

Because we travel regularly, and appreciate a light, compact and nimble notebook, we found ourselves getting most attached to this unit during our testing, despite better media handling and playback features on the other, more-expensive notebooks in this review. Those looking for a good value and modest media handling in a compact package could do a lot worse than this unit.