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Apple Makes Dumping Android Easy with Move to iOS App

From split-screen multitasking to transit directions in Maps, iOS 9 borrows some Android features that have been around for a while. But Apple has something else to make jumping from Google's OS feel more comfortable: the Move to iOS app.

Here's how it works. According to Apple's website, you simply download the Move to iOS app to your Android smartphone and it will move over all the most important things from your Android phone to your new iPhone, including contacts, message history, photos, videos, Web bookmarks, mail accounts, wallpapers and more. All of this is done through wireless transfer, so you don't have to connect the two smartphones with a cable.

There are some restrictions. DRM-protected content, like certain songs and e-books, won't be transferred between devices. However, all DRM-free content will be transferred automatically.

The app will also help you rebuild your smartphone ecosystem of apps, suggesting any free apps you previously downloaded from Google Play in Apple's App Store, as well as adding your paid apps to your iTunes wish list.

The Move to iOS app could entice a lot of Android users who were already thinking of switching over. iOS 9 will be available in the fall to consumers, but a public beta will be available in July.

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  • Phillip Corcoran
    It still doesn't alter the fact that a new iPhone is considerably more expensive than a lot of excellent Android handsets,
    Pay-monthly tariffs higher too because of that.

    If they want to encourage more people to switch they really need to do something to compete on price.
    But I guess there's already a large army of loyal & permanent iPhone lovers for that to happen anytime soon.