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FAKED: New Zune Coming, Don't Buy iPhone/Pre

Microsoft has always been very elusive and secretive about its plans for making a cell phone. After all, it already has its Windows Mobile OS, but could the software company be looking to make a device to further rock the smartphone world? Maybe.

The Microsoft team behind Office 2010 has posted a couple of very interesting updates on its Twitter feed. Office 2010 will include Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks integrated right into Word. It will also be available for Mac users as well. But that’s not what’s caught our eyes.

The Office Twitter team tweeted, “June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers.”

A follow-up tweet then read, “New product launch, that's all I'm allowed to say. Hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre. :)”

We’ve heard rumors about a new Zune in the works – a very sexy one with a gigantic screen. What’s interesting is that a source inside Microsoft is telling the public not to buy an iPhone (not just an iPod Touch) and a Pre, basically signalling to consumers who are in the market for a new cell phone to wait for a new Zune product.

June looks to be a huge month for new smartphones with the launch of the Palm Pre, the potential reveal of a new iPhone, and now a Zune phone.

UPDATE: Microsoft’s sent out word that the Twitter account @officethemovie is not operated by the company (despite mysteriously being linked at the Office 2010 promo site earlier, according to Engadget). Interestingly, Microsoft is denying ownership and involvement of the Twitter account, but not any of the Zune-related rumors. Could that mean that there was some truth to it after all?

UPDATE2: Yup, total fake tweet confirmed. But we still think that there's going to be a Zune phone eventually.

  • Nightsilver
    Lol. I wonder how long this model will last before you need a (refurbished) replacement from Microsoft.
  • cliffro
    I'd bite, its a lot better than supporting Apple.
  • bill gates is your daddy
    NightsilverLol. I wonder how long this model will last before you need a (refurbished) replacement from Microsoft.
    Probably a lot longer than your iPhone.

    (time for all the iTards to come out of the woodworks)
  • Nightsilver
    cliffroI'd bite, its a lot better than supporting Apple.
    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely detest Apple, but my first (likely last) Zune lasted four months before being replaced by Microsoft. That replacement lasted about a month, maybe a month and a half. I'm more interested in a quality product than a string of replacements.
  • Nightsilver
    bill gates is your daddyProbably a lot longer than your iPhone.(time for all the iTards to come out of the woodworks)
    Just because I don't hump M$'s leg doesn't mean I hump Apple's :).
  • Tedders
    I wonder if this is the thing that has been rumored to be linked with Verizon?
  • belawrence
    "Lol. I wonder how long this model will last before you need a (refurbished) replacement from Microsoft."

    Seeing as my 1st gen Zune is still going strong, probably a while.
  • rooseveltdon
    I really want them to kick apple's ass but they need to come out with more innovating stuff and better marketing for their products, there are tons of mp3 players that are much better than the ipod (sansa,sony and creative zen just to name a few) and i really thought their zune was a much better mp3 player than the ipod but apple's marketing is second to none and as much as i detest them i will admit that they are great at innovating stuff,if micorsoft wants to come out with something to compete with the iphone they need to put more backing in marketing and try not to look like they are just imitating apple. Hopefully wants windows 7 comes out and impresses people they will be able to count on it's halo effect.
  • tipoo
    Well, if microsoft says so.

    *Cancels Palm Pre order*
  • norbs
    ZOMG stop the assembly lines Microsoft is releasing a phone. Ooh but can i use it on new years eve?