Mac Fan's Imagination Makes MacBook 3D Concept

Looks like designer Tai Chiem wants Apple to jump on the 3D bandwagon. He created what's basically a slightly redesigned MacBook Pro concept, with 3D projection capability: Introducing MacBook 3D.

The concept even takes cues from Apple's marketing, using words like "revolutionary" to imply that the MacBook 3D will feature the first 3D display ever. The mock-ad copy needs work, but at least Chiem is suggesting a truly new feature—"Stereoscopic iSight" advertised with the matter-of-fact proclamation "Watch 3D, make 3D."

Ohter interesting tidibts of the Macbook 3D concept is the inclusion of a card slot (now that's truly "revolutionary" for an Apple device), the hingeless joint between the main unit and the display, and a touchscreen iPad. Chiem's concept promises a battery life of 12 hours max for the standard 15" MacBook 3D, and 14 hours for the 17" variant.

The MacBook 3D will of course require 3D glasses to enjoy properly, and this could be a great way for Apple to sell "iSee" eyewear. The proposed form factor slightly tapers down towards the bottom of the keyboard, and featuring ports on the left side, with the optical drive on the right.
As a concept, the MacBook 3D probably won't be available for retail anytime soon, or even not at all. Apple doesn't exactly take design cues from third parties, and if the company does integrate 3D technology into laptop offerings, who knows what kind of new, attainable kind of technologies will be available?

3D Laptop Screens

  • lipoly
    Awesome, another Apple news item...that only makes 6 in a row
  • Spanky Deluxe
    This is news in any shape or form? It looks like the author of the article is just using a fake advert created by a random on the internet to take the mickey out of Apple for no apparent reason.
  • Hatecrime69
    Sucking up in hopes to get hired or just a student project? You decide :-P
  • aracheb
    waiting for apple to sue that guy
  • chickenhoagie
    just simply looks like another expensive macbook with a boring core 2 duo processor to me
  • bustapr
    LOL, I love these Rico articles. Their hilarious in some parts and are interesting. I loved the title and the comment he made about the cards slots and Apple. Too bad its JUST HIS IMAGINATION. Lol, I can post on some random site that I created a laptop that doesnt need a battery and it might get posted here. Still an interestinf article.
  • ravewulf
    The only 2 things I like about this is the hingeless design and the design for the 3D glasses.
  • kikireeki
    Such a waste of talent!
  • JohnnyLucky
    It's just a concept.
  • you nerds are funny. iPad is flying off the shelves and what do you guys say? apple suxors, pc roxor!! no. YOU suxors, APPLE WINS. go cry emo overclockers.