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Mac Pack Cries Foul Of "Vista Tax"

The Mac Pack are complaining that they are being forced to pay a "Vista Tax" by Microsoft, owing to the fact that the cheaper Home Basic and Premium versions of Vista are not allowed to be used on a Virtual machine... That is, a Mac, in this instance.

So, if Mac users want to stick a copy of Vindows Wista onto their machines they will be forced to buy the more expensive versions of Microsoft's latest geek suicide driver; Enterprise and Ultimate editions. That's a $100 "tax", if you will, on what Mac users can buy versus what PC users can.

There's also some restrictions on what can be done with Vista on a Mac - for example, there are claims that content protected by Microsoft DRM won't run on a VistaBook, for fear that the full volume disk encryption won't work.

Well, boo hoo. Honestly, you give people something they loath and then take it away again six months later and they chop your fingers off... If Mac users want to use Vista then they should take a closer look at the Mac OS they're currently using. Or buy a PC.

"In a shock announcement today, Microsoft says that it intends to make life difficult for Mac users, and squeeze every last penny it can out of them." Sheesh lads...