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Luminous Sofa Lights Up Your Outdoors

On sale at the Made in Design online store is the Sirchester Luminous Sofa outdoor furniture that also doubles as lighting. According to Sirchester, a "patented inner drainage" system keeps the seat dry, even after rain.

The luminous sofa also features a translucent case that lets the internal fluorescent light shine through. A 3 meter cable allows the sofa to plug into a 220V wall socket for power, while the near 2-meter sofa width allows seating for three.

Sirchester claims that the luminous sofa is the first of its kind, so it's a simple matter of plopping down £950.00 ($1,445!) to snag one. Aside from white, available colors include "yacht blue," black, "hide," "apple green," and fuchsia. If only the luminous sofa used more power-efficient LED lighting, like the Disco Flesh.

Sirchester - Luminous sofa (£950.00)