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Logitech Wireless Music System for PC


If you listen to Intel and other industry leaders, 2006 is supposed to be the year of the digital revolution with computers and consumer electronics finally merged together into almighty high definition content hubs. Even though Intel changed its slogan from 'Intel Inside' to 'Leap Ahead' the company seems to be merely leaping around, because the digital revolution is inhibited by the lack of universal interfaces between computers and consumer electronics.

Hooking up your computer with your home stereo is a good example. Most people would use a regular stereo RCA cables to link audio devices to their receiver or amplifier. We recommend using fiber optics whenever possible, because electrical signals may suffer from differences in electric potential, which can cause annoying hum - unless you apply some sort of galvanic isolation to seperate different sources. However, optical cables are expensive and people usually end up passing wires through their den.

A more elegant solution to link source and playback devices is radio transmission, which is how Logitech approaches connectivity in its Wireless Music product family, which is based on Bluetooth. The Wireless Music System for iPod has already been widely reviewed, so we'll instead look at the PC version along with Logitech's Wireless Headphones. All three are interoperable and allow for setting up a pretty nice network for wireless digital audio streaming.