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Living With My New Notebook Computer

My Tried And Trusted Portable Drops Dead

I've often wondered how intimate it's possible to become with your computer. Recently I had the misfortune of finding out, though, when my portable computer of some five years decided to drop dead on me.

An old Toshiba Satellite, she was - heavy, her battery kaput, and considerate enough to take about the same amount of time to boot up as it took me to make my morning cup of tea. I dug out of my current professional foxhole using that girl, until one Monday morning I woke up, flipped open the screen and hit the power button to be greeted with a sight no computer user ever wants to see: "Ehh, sorry old chap, but we can't seem to find your operating system."

"What?! But it's right there," I exclaimed. I spent a day in surgery trying to revive the poor old girl, but she wasn't having any of it, and just like that my dear old lappy went to computing heaven, where the batteries never run out and the blue screen of death is a distant memory.

I was distraught. Sure I had backed up, but even if the files were the same, a new machine just wouldn't feel the same. I spent a night venting my frustrations on 14-year-old Counter Strike players, before finally deciding to make the trek down to the great Google, around by HP and up towards Dell in search of a new computer.

Aaron distraught?