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LG G7 ThinQ Wil Launch May 2, But What Does ThinQ Mean?

LG has finally taken the wraps off its long-rumored G7 ThinQ handset.

Credit: Android Headlines

(Image credit: Android Headlines)

The Korean tech giant revealed that the G7 ThinQ will be unveiled at an event in New York City on May 2, sending out media invitations today (April 10) to next month's unveiling.

LG didn't say too much about the smartphone's specs in a press release, but did say that it will deliver a range of artificial intelligence features that will help it earn its ThinQ branding. LG said that the ThinQ naming convention is designed to reflect LG"s goal of "thinking in the customer's standpoint."

In addition to the press release, Android Headlines late on Monday (Apr. 9) published what it said are official renderings of the upcoming LG G7 ThinQ. And although the images don't reveal what's lurking under the hood, they shed light on what we can expect from the smartphone.

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For instance, the handset comes with a big display that nearly covers its face. And yes, there's a notch. On the rear, LG has bundled dual vertically aligned cameras, as well as a fingerprint sensor underneath those cameras. The smartphone will also be available in five colors, Android Headlines' source told the outlet, including Aurora Black, Platinum Grey, Moroccan Blue, Moroccan Blue (matte), and Raspberry Rose. It appears the small bezels around the screen will be black with no option for white.

LG had reportedly planned to release the G7 earlier this year, but before Mobile World Congress in February, the company decided to nix its G7 plans. The G7 ThinQ has subsequently been the subject of countless rumors of late as LG prepared for its release.

According to several rumors, the LG G7 is expected to ship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It's also expected to run Google's Android Oreo. Pricing hasn't yet been revealed, but considering it's a higher-end handset with the features you'd find in other expensive devices, it's likely this one won't come cheap.

Tom's Guide will cover the G7 ThinQ launch, so check back for more details on the phone as we get closer to launch.

Editors' Note: Updated at 3:15 p.m. ET with additional confirmation of the May 2 launch event for the G7 ThinQ.