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Kindle vs. iPhone: Amazon Launches Ebook App

Not too long ago analysts claimed that the the iPhone could kill the Kindle. With the help of an application called Stanza, more and more people were reading books on their iPhones and Amazon’s Kindle was sort of left out in the cold.

While this period was short lived (Amazon has Oprah Winfrey to thank for that one), it seems Amazon has not forgotten the threat the iPhone once posed to its ebook reader. The iPhone Blog today reports that the Kindle app is now available from Apple’s app store and is completely free, which counts for almost nothing when you consider you still have to pay $9.99 per book.

Books can be purchased via Amazon’s website on your PC and then shifted over to your iPhone or you can cut out the messy middleman and just buy them on your iPhone using Safari.

What does everyone think? We think it’s sort of a hail mary pass by Amazon to try and cover all of its bases. The main reason to buy a Kindle (for me anyway) is the bigger screen. Those who can’t stand reading on a tiny screen will get a Kindle or a Sony eReader and those who want to read ebooks and don’t mind the smaller display probably already use another app, like Stanza.