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10 Best "Crowdfunded" 2011 Kickstarter Tech Projects

LunaTik Touch Pen

The LunaTik Touch Pen, reached its $75,000 goal

It’s a pen! It’s a stylus! It’s the LunaTik Touch Pen! It writes on paper or in pixels and goes from screen to sheet with ease.  What makes this project awesome is that it acknowledges the fact that paper isn’t going anywhere. Yes, there are people out there (me!) who enjoy a good old notepad as much as a netbook. It comes in a range of colors either in a high-quality alloy or a more affordable plastic. This project is well over its $75,000 goal with more than a month left to gather funding. It’s no wonder – their first product, the TikTok+LunaTick Multi-Touch Watch Kit transformed the iPod Nano into a new accessory and holds the record for the highest funded Kickstarter project with almost $1 million in funding.