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iRiver H10: Music To Go... And Photos Too

Another 5 GB MP3 Player!

You may have thought, as did we, that the Archos Gmini XS200 sounded the death knell for MP3 audio players with less than 20 GB of storage. Not quite, as it happens. With its H10, iRiver has just added a new model to an already long list of 5 GB players that includes the Zen Micro, Rio Carbon, MPIO HD 200, iPod mini, and so on. With its $279 price in line with the competition, the iRiver can't rely on music alone to win the hearts of potential buyers. So like Apple with the iPod Photo, iRiver is counting on pictures to get the attention of consumers. Since it lacks enormous storage capacity, other goodies like a Dictaphone, FM tuner, and text file browser have been thrown in. Is it enough to convince people to give the unit a try?

Handsome And Simple To Use