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Apple's New Tiny iPod Shuffle Dissected

Apple without warning on Wednesday released a new iPod Shuffle, and just two days later it’s already been taken apart.

There aren’t any buttons on the iPod Shuffle (which could lead to some confusing and inconvenient problems), so the internals of Apple’s latest music player shouldn’t that much more complicated than one of the USB thumb drive, right? Exactly.

iFixit dissects the new iPod Shuffle and finds exactly what you’d expect -- circuitry to manage the music, a large flash memory chip and a lithium polymer battery. Without any buttons on the device itself it’s hard to see how much more simple things could get. Some would even say that Apple’s gone too far, now sacrificing function for the sake of form.

At any rate, it’s fascinating look at Apple’s continued minimalist design. Check it our the complete picture guide here.