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Did Verizon Just Confirm iPhone on Twitter?

We know a solid week can't roll by without some kind of rumor or report indicating that Apple's iPhone is heading to Verizon. By this time, it should be a given despite the carrier having not officially announced its intentions. That said, someone over at the Big Red may have spilled the beans on Twitter nonetheless.

But as a quick disclaimer, the tweet is cryptic at best, and has since been conveniently removed. The iPhone hint appeared on the company's VerizonCareers account earlier this week. When asked if the iPad availability and "more to come" meant that the iPhone was on its way, a follow-up tweet answered by saying "yes, that is the latest scoop."

Typically Verizon throws out the customary "No comment" or "We don't comment on unannounced products" used by most companies in denial. The tweet however didn't follow the usual protocol.

Outside the current tweet disclosure, there's a lot of speculation as to when Verizon will receive the iPhone. Recent reports indicate a definite 2011 release even though AT&T's exclusivity doesn't actually end until 2012. The fact that Apple relinquished total control and allowed Verizon to create its own iPad commercial also has fans ignited over the iPhone possibility.

Other reports have indicated that the CDMA version of Apple's iPhone was sparked by an upcoming deal with Verizon, however Apple already had plans to launch a CDMA version as indicated by talks with India's Reliance Communications and Tata Teleservices. Germany's Telefonica SA's O2 and Vodafone Group PLC have also signed on to sell the CDMA iPhone 4. Verizon just happens to fit in the same ice tray.

But if Apple does somehow legally land a deal with Verizon next year despite AT&T's 5-year contract, it will likely happen in June, the same launch window used to ship previous iPhone models.