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iPhone 4 Appears to be Tougher to Unlock

Although Apple locks its phones to carriers as per exclusive and subsidized agreements, those who braved jailbreaking have found ways to unlock phone to work on other networks.

Unlocking tricks have persisted through all three previous generations of iPhones, but now the unlock situation is a little more complicated as the iPhone 4 is a new piece of hardware that's quite different from the 3G and 3GS.

In fact, the current way that iPhone 3G and 3GS are unlocked in software won't work at all for the iPhone 4 thanks to a new hardware and software system.

According to ModMy, David Wang, one of the members of the iPhone Dev-Team that develops jailbreaking software, wrote:

...then it gets rather technical. The baseband is segregated from the main applications processor and communicates with it over i2s, spi, and uart lines. The main processor controls it with (primarily) AT commands over some other transport protocol over the SPI and UART. When you're in a call, the BBP communicates directly with the audio codec over i2s so even if the main OS is freezing up, the call will still go on uninterrupted. The other advantage is security since if someone cracks iOS, the BBP is still separate. The two don't share any memory, so that's a security advantage.

We don't doubt that hackers will find a way. For now, at least those in Canada, France and the UK can buy factory unlocked iPhone 4 from the Apple Store – whenever they launch.