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Need Free iPhone 4 Case? There's an App for That

iPhone 4 owners who want the free case that Steve Jobs promised them can start claiming today. Rather than going through a registration process online, Apple has created an iPhone application (opens in iTunes) that guides you through the process and allows you to pick one case for free.

We don't have an iPhone 4 on hand at the moment, but Macworld lists the following cases as being available:

  • Apple Bumper (Black) 
  • Incase Snap Case (Smoke or Clear)
  • Belkin Shield Micra (Clear)
  • Griffin Motif (Smoke)
  • Griffin Reveal Etch (Black Graphite)
  • Speck Fitted (Black Tartan)
  • Speck PixelSkin HD (Black)

Mind you, just because you put in your order now doesn't mean that you'll be getting your free case next week. Some users are reporting that their free case isn't estimated to ship until September.

Those who have purchased cases prior to this deal should be receiving notice of refunds, if they haven't already been processed.