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iOS 12 Could Cure Your iPhone Addiction: Here's How

Addicted to your iPhone? Apple's gonna have an app for that.

A new report highlights Apple's big plans to roll out a Digital Health initiative, seeking to make users more mindful of how often they use their phone. The other major feature? More immersive, multiplayer AR apps.

Digital Health

According to Bloomberg, these new features will be the marquee highlights of the iOS 12 features announced at Monday's keynote event at the Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) in San Jose. iOS 12 will likely launch in September, and the report claims the Digital Health tools will come inside of the Settings app.

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At its May I/O event, which was also targeted at developers, Google announced its own Digital Wellness play for educating users on how they're overly-addicted to their devices. Their version includes self-imposed time limits on apps, and a YouTube app that looks to limit how many hours you spend watching content.

ARKit 2.0

Apps that use Apple's ARKit technology for augmented reality can add immersion to fun and educational experiences, but this year, we'll see the next big step. Apple's ARKit 2.0 would allow "users play AR games against each other in the same virtual environment," according to Bloomberg.

From where we stand now, this could allow local co-op battles for Pokemon Go, or for students to collaboratively dissect animals in Froggipedia. A second AR mode allows for "objects to be dropped into an area and virtually remain in place."

More new features

iOS 12 will also bring snooze-able notifications as well as improvements to video calls, stock market tracking and Animoji. A major home screen redesign, which was pushed back so that Apple engineers could focus on reliability, is still not due until 2019. Also, Siri will be better able to predict users' intents on the iPhone.

macOS will also get an update, but it will be focused on increased integration with iOS devices. Apple may reveal its plans to allow iOS apps to run on Macs, but that would not come this year. Oh, and don't expect Apple to announce its next MacBooks nor its new iPad Pros until later this year.