Report: iPad 2, iPhone 5 to Have Integrated NFC

While some people are still holding out for the white version of the iPhone 4, die-hard Apple fans are busying themselves with the wait for iPad 2 and the next iPhone, iPhone 5. So far we’ve heard little tiny scraps of information about both. For example, if rumors are to be believed, the iPad 2 will come equipped with at least one camera, as well as an SD card slot. Today we learn just a little more about what we can expect from Apple’s upcoming devices.

According to one analyst, Apple’s latest products will come packing NFC. Richard Doherty, director of consulting firm Envisioneering Group, cited engineers who are working on hardware for Apple and told Bloomberg that the technology would feature in the iPad 2 and the AT&T-bound iPhone 5.

Near Field Communication, a technology that allows for the wireless transfer of data over short distances, is fast gaining traction in the smartphone world as a way to process mobile payments. To hear that Apple may be putting this technology into the new iPhone is not as surprising as the fact that it may also be included in the iPad 2. Waving your iPhone around at the cash register is a lot easier than brandishing your iPad at a barista, after all.

Bloomberg cites another expert that believes Apple may choose to tap into information already on file from customers using its other services, like iTunes. There’s also talk of a loyalty system that would allow customers to earn points and rewards for payments made with their phones.

Jane McEntegart works in marketing communications at Intel and was previously Manager of Content Marketing at ASUS North America. Before that, she worked for more than seven years at Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, holding such roles as Contributing Editor and Senior News Editor and writing about everything from smartphones to tablets and games consoles.

  • khubani
    Oh great...another iPhone that's useless.
  • thejerk
    "Let's jack that dude's onePhone 5!"
  • joytech22
    Just another idea that will get people's money stolen.
    Especially on that big fat iPad screen it shouldn't be a problem getting their PIN.

    OR if it even requires a password at all, then there's something worse to fear than losing just your phone, you pretty much lose your credit card as well.
  • kuroneko007
    If it works the same way it does here in Japan (where NFC payments have been huge for a couple of years now), no pin is required. You charge the NFC device at a cash register or dedicated "e-money" machine, and you can then pay at any compatible outlet just by swiping. The balance isn't linked to any bank accounts or credit card information (by default), although you can subscribe to a system that auto-charges to a certain balance using your credit card once your balance drops below X.
  • tayb
    Let's see... 4 posts, 3 fanboy waste of space comments. I wish Tom's would suspend you idiots every single time you made a worthless comments. Thanks for continuing to ruin the comments section with your garbage.
  • I do not like this whole cell phone based payment setup. Id rather we leapfrog it and go straight to thumbprint or DNA based banking. Just put your thumb on the button and it withdraws the money from your checking.
  • xyster
    I want to escape Apple's grasp of the mobile market and be able to switch to a cheaper carrier/phone, but with Apple continuously creating new must-have eco-systems, like iTunes, the App store and now possibly this NFC system -- I feel like leaving Apple is growing impossible. Eventually Apple will enslave us all. O mighty Google, please save us before it is too late.
  • ericburnby
    khubaniOh great...another iPhone that's useless.Oh great...another comment that's useless.
  • thlillyr
    Isn't NFC the stuff they put on credit cards? If so that crap doesn't work as reliably as swiping the card. Don't get my wrong I'm all for that kind of tech but i had a wells fargo debit card and everytime I went to jack in the box i tried to use the NFC and after 3 tries the guy would take it from me and just swipe it. So my experiance with this thec has been poor. Also I've noticed that all my wellsfargo cards no long have the NFC in them.(that when i got new cards after the onld ones expired.)