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New Huawei P30 Video Teases Colors, Key Features

In order to drum up excitement for its upcoming release, Huawei has released a teaser video for the P30 handset, which might contain clues about some of its features.

Credit: Huawei

(Image credit: Huawei)

In the video, taken from Huawei's Bulgarian Facebook page (GSMArena, via TechRadar) the phone's obscured by various materials and SFX, so we can only see the edge of the rear camera module. Recent leaks and rumors indicate that there will be three rear lenses on the basic P30, with the P30 Pro also getting a smaller one in addition, likely a ToF sensor. Huawei is again teaming up with lens manufacturer Leica for the cameras, according to these same rumors.

If you want to read into the video in depth, one could easily interpret the blue/purple theme as the colors of the P30’s case. We already have seen a leaked blue version of the handset. Equally, the sound wave effects could indicate an improvement to the phone’s audio over its predecessor.

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The brief shot of the moon links to an image of the moon posted in February on Weibo by Richard Yu, Huawei’s Consumer Business Group CEO. This image was watermarked with text that seemed to reveal the picture was taken with a P30 Pro, and that it featured four cameras including an optical zoom.

Huawei P30 Pro renders. Credit: WinFuture

(Image credit: Huawei P30 Pro renders. Credit: WinFuture)

The P30 was later confirmed to feature a optical zoom, although the magnification is still uncertain at this time. The P20 Pro has a 3x zoom, so it could be the same again, but chances are Huawei will have made some kind of upgrade to its zoom tech since that phone released.

Yu also seems to be taking the P30 outdoors, judging by recent shots of him holding what looks to be the unreleased handset, and seperate images posted on Slashleaks that looked the same.

The phone will be launching at an event in Paris at the end of March, where we’ll be able to confirm the details and give you some first impressions of the next generation of Huawei’s photography-focused device.