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Google Creates Interactive Book About The Web

Twenty years ago, Tim Berners-Lee wrote up and published his proposal for the World Wide Web. Today, the web has become a universally known and constantly used hoard of information, news, apps, entertainment and endless possibilities.

In celebration of this anniversary, Google decided to collaborate with the talented illustrator, Cristoph Neimann, to publish an interactive guide for those of us who would like to expand our knowledge of the web.

On Thursday, Google blogged about and published "20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web", written by the Chrome team. The book helps to explain the complicated and intricate yet fascinating aspects of the web and its browsers, often bringing Chrome into the equation.

Google says the book was written with HTML5, "so that we could incorporate features that hearken back to what we love about books—feeling the heft of a book’s cover, flipping a page or even reading under the covers with a flashlight."

In addition, the guide works offline so once users have loaded it, they will be able to read it without the internet.

Read the guide here, and report back on what you think!

  • milktea
    I'm glad the book is in HTML5, because I had flash disabled. HTML5 is very promising. :D
  • dan117
    does it have a section about the dark side of the internet (4chan etc)?
  • odannyboy000
    didn't work for me in Chrome or FF
  • eddieroolz
    I didn't see a section on pr0n ;)
  • neilnh
    odannyboy000didn't work for me in Chrome or FF
    Same here, all I get is the front cover or the end credits, no matter where I flip. I can see the table of contents using the link on the top, but clicking anywhere just takes me back to the credits... I guess html5 isn't ready for the big time yet. Obviously its some sort of user error or browser-side issue on my part, but if I know how to update firefox, there is no reason I should not be able to get it working
  • belardo
    Works fine for me...

    Opera 10.63 and Windows 7.

    Book works pretty good, not completely smooth when flipping pages... but overall, nicer than using Acrobat... :)