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Google Maps Has an Awesome Tardis Easter Egg

Google Maps has allowed so many of us to go places we never could have dreamed have visiting on our own. Between the penguins in Antarctica and the Amazon, the company's mapping program has, over the years, covered all the bases. Over the last few months, we've seen Google Maps cover a few interesting indoor sights. These include Thomas Jefferson's house, Harry Potter's Diagon Alley in the UK and now Dr Who's TARDIS.


That's right, a newly discovered Google Maps Easter Egg allows you to slip inside. The TARDIS is located at Earl's Court Road inside an old school Mackenzie Trench police box (of course) outside Earl's Court tube station. Two little arrows next to the police box are the secret to getting inside and living your Dr Who dreams. Inside is pretty roomy (again, no surprise there), and Google Maps allows you to explore using the usual 360 street view feature.

Click through to Earl's Court Rd to see the TARDIS for yourself.