Free Apple Music on Verizon: What You Need to Know

If you're a music lover who also relies on Verizon's network, the carrier has some good news for you.

Credit: Apple/Verizon

(Image credit: Apple/Verizon)

Verizon announced on Tuesday that it will offer free access to Apple Music in two of its plans starting on Jan. 17. But now that the deal is done and the announcement made, there are many Verizon (and non-Verizon) customers who might be wondering what it means.

Here's a brief guide on what you need to know to get Apple Music running on your Verizon handset in the near future.

What Is Apple Music?

Apple Music is the tech giant's streaming music service. It offers millions of songs, curated content and radio stations, and a slew of playlists you can add to your library and stream throughout the day. Apple Music typically costs $10 per month for a single membership and $15 per month for a family membership. If you're a student, however, you can get it for $5 per month.

Apple Music is available on both iOS and Android, so Verizon customers on both platforms can take advantage of the deal.

Which plans is Verizon offering Apple Music on?

Verizon is offering the free Apple Music bundle to its Verizon Unlimited customers who are either on its Beyond Unlimited ($85 a month per line for one line of data) or Above Unlimited ($95 a month per line) plans.

Where do I sign up?

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

If you're interested in signing up for Apple Music, you can do it starting on Jan. 17 by clicking this link and logging in to your Verizon account.

What about other Verizon Plans?

Sorry, but you're out of luck if you have any other plan on Verizon's network. The freebie is only available to Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited customers.

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However, if you're a Go Unlimited customer, you can still take advantage of the deal Verizon has been running since last summer, which offers six free months of Apple Music. After that, you'll be subject to a $10-per-month Apple Music charge if you want to keep using the streaming service.

Will it work over Wi-Fi and LTE?

You betcha. In fact, Verizon said that you can both stream and download your favorite songs over Wi-Fi and LTE without any additional charge.

OK, but how much does it cost?

There is no charge to bundle Apple Music with your Above Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plan. Verizon has worked out a deal with Apple, which means your bill will not go up by signing up with Apple Music in those plans.

Editors' Note: We've corrected the prices on Verizon's Above and Beyond Unlimited plans from an earlier version of this article.

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