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Mozilla Pitches BrowserID to Solve Password Mess

How great would it be if you had only one password for everything and you would not have to worry about security?

Mozilla is taking another shot at this topic with its BrowserID proposal. The company believes that your email address is good enough to identify you, while protecting your privacy. The interesting part is that this BrowserID, which is quite different from a Facebook login or an OpenID, can be directly integrated into the browser engine and avoid any open transmission or requirement to enter an email address or identifier on a web site. Mozilla also says that BrowserID does not track your web activity, while OpenID does.

The announcement of the BrowserID came virtually out of nowhere, but is consistent with a recently updated vision statement published by Mozilla chairman Mitchell Baker. According to Baker, Firefox will have to expand into different roles and not just remain a browser. One of the three main roles the browser will have to fulfill will be the consolidation of fragmented user data around the web. BrowserID could be an important tool on the way to this goal.

Baker also noted that Firefox will have to learn how to deal with the challenge of web applications and bring the values of an open browser to mobile platforms.