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Everyday Tech Myths: Swigs, Swipes, Snoops

How Does It Work?

Greetings, all, and welcome back to another episode of Everyday Tech Myths, your one-stop shop for bi-weekly considerations, revelations, permutations, and altercations surrounding the world of technology. Got a myth you want verified or debunked? Shout it out! We’re pretty open to anything legal around here, which means no, we cannot delve into your questions on how to crack, rip, and burn Blu-ray movies, because that would be a violation of copyright *cough!*, circumvention of encryption *cough!*, and make you a *cough! SlySoft AnyDVD... cough!* bad person. If you’re curious about legal tricky tech topics, please feel free to speak up.

In this episode, we’ll explore a subject near and dear to all of us who stay up far too late on our PCs: energy drinks. Will they really wreck your health? And you can’t do drinks without food, so we’ll visit a local Panera bakery to investigate the mystery of miracle credit card swipe tricks. First the card is dead, then it works again—what’s up with that? Finally, we’ll revisit uberhacker John Klein and see if there’s any truth behind the myth that the all-seeing government can follow your every move through your innocent, little cell phone. Bwaa-ha-haaa...Wrap yourself in tinfoil and read on!