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Doom Eternal Is Coming: Release Date, Gameplay and Trailer

After 2016's incredible Doom reboot, we've been left wondering what the franchise's next big move is. It looks like Doom Eternal is the answer.

It's a direct sequel to the 2016 game that builds and expands upon its predecessor's gameplay, aesthetics, modes and content in major ways. Here's what we know about the game so far.

What is Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal is a first-person shooter (FPS) that puts you in the bulky shoes of Doomguy, an angry, armor-clad strongman who doesn't speak but carries a big stick (read: shotgun) and guns down the armies of Hell for a living. The entirety of the gameplay revolves around you shooting, slicing and dicing as many demons as you can in increasingly brutal ways.

When is Doom Eternal's release date?

We know nothing about Doom Eternal's price or release date, but can speculate it'll likely release sometime in 2019 (potentially Q2, given how much gameplay has been shown and the previous Doom's successful Q2 May launch) and retail for somewhere around the standard AAA price of $60. The game is slated to arrive on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

What are the new gameplay mechanics?

Doom Eternal brings a few new tricks to the tried-and-true formula of shooting and punching things.

First off, Doomguy now has a grapple hook that he can use to latch onto enemies and pull himself forward. Have we seen this before in similar games such as Dying Light? Yes. Does it make this addition any less cool? No.

Doomguy also comes equipped with recharging speed boosters now, meaning every few seconds you can cover a couple of extra meters really fast. Beyond that, the last major new addition to the Doom formula is body carnage. Now enemies will loose bits of their armor, muscles, and internal organs as you mow them down. Because, as we all know, violence only gets more fun the more life-like and immersive it is.

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What's multiplayer in Doom Eternal like?

Doom has campaign-integrated multiplayer now, in a similar vein to Resident Evil 6's Agent Hunt mode or what we've seen in the Dark Souls series. Now other players can join your game as demons and try to kill you inside of your (formerly) single-player campaign. You can turn this setting off, though, if you just want to beat up some AI characters.

As for regular competitive multiplayer, id Software's got something in the works. We don't know anything else besides the facts that it's being developed in-house and is something new, as opposed to an extension of the previous game's multiplayer component.

What else is new?

A ton of stuff is new to Doom Eternal. There'll be new weapons, enemies, and even worlds. Unlike the last game which had very few setting changes, this game will have multiple, diverse locales including a Hell-consumed Earth, space colony and weird Dwemer Ruins-looking place, among other aesthetically rich hotspots.

Another thing that's new to Eternal is seeing Doomguy interact with regular people. Spoiler: he's a real jerk. He chokes out a technician just to get the guy's security badge to touch a door panel and then steals a fellow Marine's rifle without apologizing. Hopefully this character building stems into Eternal's main plot where we discover Doomguy is actually a bitter ex-husband who's using VR as part of his anger management therapy.

For further updates on Doom Eternal developments, keep it tuned to Tom's Guide.

Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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