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Magnetic Tape Reel Finds New Life as Clock

Etsy merchant Pixelthis loves to take junk and bring its form a new function, namely telling time. His latest creation takes us all the way back to the 50's.

See, back in those days, people didn't have the luxury of solid-state storage or even those kooky little cassette tapes. What they had was the magnetic tape reel, a quarter-inch wide strip of ferromagnetic-coated plastic rolled up into a 7-inch spool.

This particular reel appears to have been manufactured by the Scotch brand, purveyors of the regular adhesive kind of tape. Our favorite clock kitbasher attached a quartz drive and a set clock hands, which can always be customized upon request.

Head over to Etsy to snap up this vintage timepiece before it becomes obsolete all over again.

[source: PixelThis]