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Disco Flesh: A Lightshow in a Chair

Mix the Tron aesthetic with an insistence on rainbow colors and a need for seated comfort, and you get the Disco Flesh by London design firm KIWI & POM. It's basically the steel frame of a lounge chair wrapped with 200 meters of electroluminescent wire, with the user sitting right on the lighted cable.

The designers were pretty mum about the energy source (though the construction pics make a strong case for wall socket power). But they did reveal a pulse setting that makes the chair change colors like a vibrant hallucination. With all that brilliant color though, sitting on the Disco Flesh seems like such a waste—surely it does a better job as the centerpiece for a rocking dance party!

Commissioned as a project for Wallpaper* magazine, it's unlikely we'll see the Disco Flesh hit stores anytime soon.