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Dell XPS Gen2 with GeForce Go 6800 Ultra: Return of the King?


It has been almost four months since NVIDIA wrested the mobile crown from ATI. Today the company continues taking strides to distance themselves from the rest of the pack in the mobile sector by unveiling the GeForce Go 6800 Ultra. With Dell as their launch partner, NVIDIA was able to bring the new graphics solution to market inside a "real" end user system.

We were able to get our hands on an XPS Gen2 equipped with an Intel 2.13 GHz Dothan and 1 GB of DDR2533. Due to short time constraints and other factors, however, this will only be a preview of both the 6800 Ultra and the Dell XPS Gen2. Once some of the dust settles, we will get a final production system back in the lab, at which point we will put it through an array of tests to see if the final product is just as good as the preview unit. But from what we could see in this system just in our short look, its speed is something that will force even desktop users to take a second look at the mobile market.

GeForce Go 6800 U. The U stands for Ultra!