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Couldn't Decide Between the e310 and the e740? Well Here's the e330!


Once there were the e310 and the e740 ; now we have the e330. On the outside, there is nothing to distinguish it from the e310, which is just fine because we really love those looks!

The e330 is truly slim, only 12mm thick, and the screen is smaller than the iPAQ, but very good. And the Toshiba-style OS is as convenient as ever with its helpful option of two browse modes, these being the usual Start menu and the Toshiba Home, probably inspired by PalmOS. Here, applications are grouped as big icons in four tabs: Running (with a list of the current open applications so you can switch them around, close them down one by one or all at once to free up some memory); Main (with the most frequently-used tools, like Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Internet Explorer, Windows Media, etc.); Programs (Explorer, Save and Infrared Connection); and Games. Each tab can be fully customized, and you can create all the icons you need to go with the new applications you install. This helps you to master the device a lot quicker, in fact, almost immediately.