How-to: Turn Bedroom into the Perfect Office

We practically spend all day glued to the front of our computers anyway, so why not turn your bed into a home office that features generous space and privacy?

That's exactly what Joel Vardy did to his bedroom, which enjoys a high ceiling. Vardy simply put his bed on a loft, and converted the space created below into a roomy workspace. Maximizing the opportunity, Joel also practiced some good cable management, constructing the desk in such a way that only the monitors and peripherals appear topside. Last but not least, lights were embedded directly underneath the bed, to provide lighting for the desk itself.

Of course placing the bed on the second level isn't an option for the handicapped. And not everyone is lucky enough to have such a vertically spacious bedroom like Joel Vardy. But for those who can take full advantage of Vardy's setup—which is by no means original by the way—would definitely benefit from this space-saving solution.

Here, we like featuring gadgets and how they can make your life better (or not). And sometimes getting the most out of technology involves modifying how you use it for maximum efficiency. Head bumps might be frequent for users who take the time and effort to convert their bed into a loft/desk combo. But the potential benefits are simply too great to ignore.

Loft Desk Maximizes Space In Smaller Rooms