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How to Check If Your Galaxy Note 7 Has Been Recalled

With Samsung launching a recall of its Galaxy Note 7, you may wonder if your phablet is among the 1 million phones affected. You've got a couple of ways to check your phone's recall status.

The recall, announced yesterday (Sept. 15), was launched after reports of Note 7 phones overheating and catching fire. Samsung attributes the problem to the phone's battery and plans to release new Note 7s that fix the issue by Sept. 21. Customers with recalled phones can exchange them for a new Note 7, a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge or a full refund.

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To find out if your phone is affected, you'll need the devices IMEI or serial number. You can use the Samsung+ app to automatically check your phone's status and look up information about the recall. You also can look up the number in the Settings app under About Phone or General Management > Status > IMEI information or Serial number.

If you're not comfortable using a phone that poses a potential fire hazard — and both Samsung and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission have advised Note 7 owners to power down their phones — Samsung says the number may also be on the back of the phone.

Once you have the IMEI or serial number, you can enter it in Samsung's IMEI checker, which also includes addition information on the Note 7 recall, including contact information for retailers and carriers where you can turn your phone.

The CPSC says there were 92 reports of the battery on the Note 7 overheating. In those cases, 26 people suffered burns while there were 55 instances of property damage.

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