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Survive Disasters with CES 2012 Tech

Emergency Preparedness

We’ve heard CES described in a lot of different ways over the years, but most of the descriptions have something to do with chaotic war zones and epic post-apocalyptic disasters. After all, not many other tech industry events have attendees feeling like bedraggled refugees. Just check out the hallway outside the press room (and this was taken during a relative lull in the action).

The backdrop of the show got us thinking: of the thousands of new technologies found on the show floor, how many could help us survive a real disaster zone? And while we hunted down answers to that question, we couldn’t help but hope that we’d never actually have to employ those technologies in a life-or-death scenario. But even still, we like to be prepared.

  • back_by_demand
    If the Zombie apocalypse comes, the only tech I want to help survive is a shotgun and a pair of Desert Eagles.
    Don't forget the good old baseball bat with some barbed wire around (courtesy of Dead Island) :)