Need a Virtual BFF? There's An App for That

It's Friday night. You have no date and there's nothing on TV save for re-runs of Family Matters. Everyone on Facebook and Twitter are out being social in the real world, and the other end of the couch is looking vacant and cold. What better time than to fire up the iPad and launch Alexandria HD, you new BFF for life.

Thursday California-based Erik G Productions revealed a virtual girlfriend app for Apple's iPad--Alexandria HD--that supposedly uses Hyper Advanced 3D Artificial Intelligence and text-to-speech technology to "help make your life easier and more enjoyable in every way."

To offer a more personal experience, the virtual girlfriend pulls information from the device and the Internet, offering statistics on current weather conditions, providing your horoscope and fortune, reading quotes of the day and more. Users can even type in messages for her to speak aloud.

However it was the app's press release that put a weird spin on its debut. "There are endless possibilities for what you and your new virtual friend, Alexandria, can do together," the company stated. "Alexandria loves you, she is eager to please, and she will grow with your iPad. Before you know it, Alexandria will be your virtual best friend."

She also already knows your friends, and will read Twitter feeds aloud.

Currently Alexandria consists of an elfin girl's head floating against a black background. The developer-- claiming Alexandria to be pretty, nice and full of spice-- will be cuter and better once more iPad consumers purchase the $1.99 app. Perhaps that means she'll get the rest of her body--or at least the upper torso for starters--in a later update.

Score a date with Alexandria HD by purchasing the iPad app here from iTunes.

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