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$95,000 iPod Has Your Bling Bling

We have discovered another Stuart Hughes luxury design that incorporates an Apple device with glitz and glamor. Unlike previous efforts, the designer has set its sites on an Apple iPod and threw on 263 grams of 18k rose gold. The color actually looks rather unique, providing a non-girlie, copper-like shade that would suit well for Valentine's Day.

Unfortunately, the load of 4.5ct flawless diamonds lining the platinum navigation button mounted on the front throws out any kind of manliness this device could have provided. To make the device look even more feminine, the platinum rear Apple logo plays host to an additional 53 4.5ct diamonds. Needless to say, there's a lot of flash.

Called the iPod SUPREME Rose edition, this luxury device is a limited edition design, consisting of only 10 units available worldwide. Surprisingly, the price is relatively lower than other Stuart Hughes designs, costing a mere $95,000 each. However, for consumers with deep pockets wanting a bit more bang for the bling, Stuart Hughes offers the Apple iPhone 3GS SUPREME, costing a meatier $3.2 million USD.

At this point, we're wondering if Stuart Hughes is able to actually sell such devices that go obsolete within a year or two.