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Stop Light With a Progress Bar to End Road Rage

Are you one of those people who gets really, really angry while they wait for red lights to change? If you are, I didn't know you existed. Being so laid back I'm almost lying down (and a devout train-user), I never knew one could get so angry waiting for a green light. Apparently there are enough of you to warrant one designed developing a red light that packs a loading bar.

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The Eko Traffic Light has a circular progress bar on the red light that slowly counts-down to go-time. The Daily Mail reports that designer Damjan Stankovic believes the lights will help reduce stress as well as being kinder to the environment. 'Since you know exactly how long you have to wait you can sit back and clear your head for a while. No need to keep your foot on the gas. Relax,' explained Stankovic. Stankovic also points out that the device could be really helpful for pedestrians hoping to dash across the street.

Damjan spent three years developing the prototype, which this year won the Red Dot design awards.

Would this help you calm down at red lights or would you just yell at the progress bar instead of the light? Let us know!

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