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Sony Silently Squeezed Out 70MB More PS3 RAM

Joystiq reports that Sony has silently tweaked the PlayStation 3's operating system over the last few months in order to squeeze out 70 MB more RAM. The discovery was originally uncovered by PlayStation University who noted a reduction in the system's OS memory footprint. Months ago the OS consumed around 120 MB-- now it only requires 50 MB.

"Since the launch of the PS3, we have been continuously making efforts to reinforce our support system to game developers, allowing them to express their creativity freely on the PS3," said SCEA's Patrick Seybold. "As part of this support for game development, the size of the PS3 OS memory footprint has been reduced through network update for the game developers."

Unfortunately, this extra bit of RAM won't make the PlayStation 3 run any faster on the OS level. If anything, future games will have a few added effects. "Generally it probably won't change design, but might allow extra effects resolution or dynamic lights or something," one developer told Joystiq. "Probably more beneficial from the systems and art side then from design/gameplay."

So much for a PlayStation 3 Turbo.